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CyberStart Closure

The CyberStart Team announced* on December 19th that the platform will be closing by the end of January 2024.

The website will stay online through GitHub Pages up until the domain’s expiration on October 18th, 2025 (unless someone purchases the domain) and will receive no further updates.

*If that link does not work, you can find a screenshot of the update here.

Getting started

The site was made possible through GitHub Pages along with the Jekyll Doc Theme.

While in CyberStart, the challenge links are typically play.cyberstart.com/challenge/(id), simply change the .com to .dev and you should find the walkthrough you are looking for. If there is no walkthrough, feel free to make a Pull Request with steps to complete the challenge, or an Issue requesting for a walkthrough.

Writing content

For Preexisting Challenges

At the bottom of each challenge page is a button saying Improve this page, this will allow you to fork this repository, edit any pages needed, and submit a Pull Request with updated information.

For New Challenges

Challenges are collections of pages stored under the _challenge folder. To create a new page:

1. Create a new Markdown as _challenge/level-name/challenge-id.md and write front matter & content such as:

title: Challenge Name
permalink: /challenge/challenge-id/

Hello World!

2. Add the pagename to _data/challenges.yml file in order to list in challenges navigation panel:

- title: Level Name
  - challenge-id

Check the _challenge directory for examples on how pages should look and the challenges.yml file for examples on how to handle sorting pages in the navigation.

Adding Assets

Assets can be added to challenge pages to show extra information or provide more help. Assets in PRs should be in the specific level directory in the assets directory (assets/img/level).

<img src="../../assets/img/level/challenge-id.png" alt="Image Alt Text">

Changes to your PR may be requested or made in the event that you forget to do something, so no worries if you forget something!