Mixed Up Messages | CyberStart Completion

Mixed Up Messages


We’ve been informed that a group of hackers are communicating cryptically on a social media site.

Their messages have been getting increasingly cryptic; so much so that all of the posts now look jumbled up and don’t seem to make any sense!

We’ve found one post that we believe contains an important secret, and we need you to find out what that secret is so we can be ready to stop a possible cyber attack!

Tip: The secret is the flag.


The very last word looks like the word “The” reversed… What happens if we try reversing the whole message?

How to Solve:

  1. The text “!kcul dooG .”kcattakcah4emit” drow edoc tsop I nehw snalp ecnemmoC .eraperp dna secruoser lla rehtaG !won si kcatta ruo hcnual ot emit ehT” is backwards, simply re-write it.
  2. Reversed: The time to launch our attack is now! Gather all resources and prepare. Commence plans when I post code word “time4hackattack”. Good luck!


  • time4hackattack