Custom Plates | CyberStart Completion

Custom Plates


We’ve just had some new intel. The Yakoottees are planning to change the supercar’s numberplates to British plates when they steal it. For some reason, rather than create their own, they’ve ordered some from a site online called CoolPlates. We want to see which plates they’ve ordered and where they’re being sent.

See if you can get into the site so we can find out. We don’t have a username and password but we think it uses some simple JavaScript security checks.

Tip: Log in to get the flag.


The JavaScript has been obfuscated on purpose. See if you can find the value that it is checking your input against to bypass the login page.

How to Solve:

  1. Check the source code for comments in the doLogin() function: doLogin() Function

  2. You can either do the calculations manually or make your own function and just copy the code into the console: New Login Function

  3. Login with the credentials to get the flag.

    1. Username: yk1
    2. Password: pass3828go123