Perplexed by Pixels | CyberStart Completion

Perplexed by Pixels


The Yakoottees love their cars. And so you’d expect that they might send each other car photos, images and even art. But recently we intercepted something strange: a pixel drawing of a car. What’s strange about it? One of the gang, Kanako, sent two copies of it to another gang member. After some initial analysis we noticed some slight variations in colour in a selection of pixels.

One of the team has already built a comparison tool but he’s just been reassigned to another urgent project. Perhaps you could take a look at what he’s built and finish the analysis.

Tip: Calculate the differences, convert it with the ASCII table, and that’s your flag.


It looks like they’re using the change in rgb values between the pixels to generate a set of numbers, which they’re then converting to text with the help of an ASCII table. Work out the differences, do the conversion and there’s your flag.

How to Solve:

  1. Click the “START ANALYSIS” button to get the RGB’s to enter into Step 2.
  2. Calculate the differences between each RGB:
    1. 01 – (30+25+31) - (0+0+0) = 86
    2. 02 – (186+29+65) - (176+23+0) = 81
    3. 03 – (17+71+77) - (0+69+21) = 75
    4. 04 – (161+149+124) - (128+124+123) = 67
    5. 05 – (255+177+39) - (255+126+0) = 98




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