Still Hiding | CyberStart Completion

Still Hiding


Were you involved in the previous level when we needed someone to SSH into one of the Yakoottees’ servers and take a look around? Well, we need to do it again. It seems they’re becoming a little smarter about hiding their files. Take a look and see what you can find.

SSH sessions only last 60 minutes, after that you will need to reload the page to get a new one.

(The details given are dynamically generated, they will be different each time.)

Tip: The flag is in a file somewhere on the server.


There is a directory here that has been hidden in plain sight. Try comparing the output of $ ls with the output of $ ls in a different directory.

How to Solve:

  1. Open a SSH connection using the credentials provided in the Briefing.
  2. Navigate through the different folders using the cd command then use ls -a to list the contents of each folder.
  3. Once you find the camouflage file, use cat camouflage to print the contents of the file.


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