Traffic Jam | CyberStart Completion

Traffic Jam


Can you believe it, we think the Yakoottees are now planning to disrupt the flow of traffic in a major city! We need to find the URL of the forum they’re using to communicate with each other. Can you figure out what the URL is and get to it? The other links may be helpful.

Tip: Find the url of the forum to get the flag.


Take a look at the source code of the site, in particular the 5 nav links. Are there any clues in the deactivated link or the other working links, that would help us establish what the URL would be?

How to Solve:

  1. Click on Cycling Maps to open that page.
  2. Right-click on Forum.
  3. Click Inspect.
  4. In <li data-sd="my-chat" data-id="312324494" class="disabled">Forum</li> the my-chat will be used in the URL.
  5. In the address bar (in CyberStart, not your browser), change my-routes to my-chat.
  6. Click Enter and the flag will be given.