Decryption Ring | CyberStart Completion

Decryption Ring


Things are really starting to get busy - the Slootmaekers seem to be in the final stages of preparing the heist, we need to move quickly! We’ve just received a message back from one of our undercover agents with details of where they’re planning to start their heist. It’s encrypted with a Caesar Cipher, but we can’t remember what he said he was going to use as the offset and can’t seem to get hold of him again. We’ve put the message into our Caesar Cipher decryption tool, see if you can use it to decrypt the text and read the message.

Tip: Decrypt the message by dragging the green slider, the flag is the name of the bike manufacturer.


A Caesar Cipher just means shifting the position in the alphabet by a certain number, so if the offset for the letter A is 4, then the letter becomes E, as A is the first letter in the alphabet, 1 + 4 = 5, E is the fifth position in the alphabet. To use the tool just grab and move the green grabber and it’ll change the offset and decrypt the text.

How to Solve:

  1. Drag the slider to each number until the text makes sense.