Meeting Momoko | CyberStart Completion

Meeting Momoko


Our field agents decided to make a move and pick up one of the Yakoottees, Momoko. We believe she was in charge of picking up some equipment that the gang needed to break in.

Unfortunately, when they got there she’d gone. But they did find a post-it note with a cryptic code on it. On reviewing the surveillance tapes, it seems someone stuck it on her door a few minutes before she left. We think it might be a meet-up location. Can you crack the code for us?

Tip: Crack the code, it’s the flag!


We think the cipher is a specific form of letter substitution called Atbash, maybe that helps?

How to Solve:

  1. The post-it note’s text is encoded using atbash, decode it using something like
  2. “Znzarmt Xsviib Yolhhln Xluuvv” -> “Amazing Cherry Blossom Coffee”