Lockdown | CyberStart Completion



It looks like The Choppers might know we’re trying to get into their intranet.

They’ve currently got it locked down by disabling the login form. We still have a correct username and password - can you find a way to get in?

Tip: Log in successfully and you’ll get the flag.


Hmm, it looks like they didn’t lock down the login form entirely; all they’ve done is disable the form’s input button. Could you maybe use Developer Tools to get around that?

How to Solve:

  1. Right-click the Intranet Locked button and go into Inspect Element.
  2. Expand the actions field.
  3. In the input line, remove the disabled at the end.
    1. <input type="submit" value="Intranet Locked" class="btn" disabled>
  4. Go back and click the Intranet Locked button to log in.