Truck Stop | CyberStart Completion

Truck Stop


Recruit, we’re sending you into the field for the first time! We think you’re ready, so don’t let us down.

Here’s the situation. We know a group of the Yakoottees are heading to a nearby depot to steal a truck, which they are going to use to transport the supercar prototype without anyone seeing. We want to get in to the depot first and wait for them. However, we can’t get hold of the depot’s owners and the front gate uses a sophisticated locking system.

We know the Yakoottees have the code already, we need to crack it fast!

Tip: Crack the code for the flag.


Look at the panel of letters on the left. When you click start can you see the letters are changing one at a time? Put the changed letters into a string and you’re almost there. You just need to do one more thing… hmm, I wonder why the other text is all backwards?

How to Solve:

  1. Click the start button and write down the letters that are being changed.
  2. Enter them in the opposite order, for example if it went F, S, X, W, D, Z, B, J, E; enter it E, J, B, Z, D, W, X, S, F.