Chopper Check-in | CyberStart Completion

Chopper Check-in


For this assignment we need your help keeping an eye on the gang. One of our agents wants to remotely access their computers but only when they are not around to see.

We’ve discovered that today is one of the gang member’s birthday party but we don’t know where it is. If we knew we could send an agent along to check they were all there.

One of the gang, Sannfred, uses a location check-in site called Circle. Perhaps you could take a look at his profile to see **where the party is? **

Tip: The challenge flag is the number of the building.


It looks like Sannfred has checked in at a few locations, but in one of them he mentions the party. Find that message, from there work out where they are, grab the building number and that’s your flag!

How to Solve:

  1. Check and see the latest check-in location: Seafood Express, 6734 Eggers Road, Trondheim.


  • 6734