Maggie’s File | CyberStart Completion

Maggie's File


Our field agent has managed to get some login details from one of the gang, Magdalina. We believe she uses the details to SSH into a remote server to view a particular file that might be important.

These are the details we have:

IP address: Username: maggie Password: ubersecurepw

Why don’t you try it yourself using the secure terminal we’ve provided and see what you find.

Tip: The terminal uses non-default implementation of OpenSSH and only accepts common formats. The flag is the name of the file.


Never used SSH? Don’t worry. Type $ ssh user@ipaddress from the command line in the terminal where user is the username and ipaddress is the IP address of course. Once you’re in, you should see a file there. Its name is the flag.

How to Solve:

  1. Use the ssh command to login to Maggie’s account: ssh -l maggie and when prompted to enter the password, enter ubersecurepw.
  2. Then use the ls command to list the files.


  • secretcodes_v7.txt