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Password Postulation


One of our agents was recently able to get hold of a username and password that one of The Chopper gang uses to access their company intranet. However, before he was able to use it to log in they implemented a change in their password policy.

The username is ”Teobald“ and the old password is ”evergreen”, and we’ve heard the new password policy requires a capital letter and number. Perhaps you could guess what he changed it to and help us get access?

Tip: To get the challenge flag you need to successfully login.


Many people will want to use the same password and it looks like the gang members in The Choppers are the same! Since there are specific requirements now they will make it as easy as possible to remember.

For example, most people will put the capital as the first character and the number last. You already know the old password was “evergreen”, so maybe capitalise it and try a number at the end.

How to Solve:

  1. Type in the password Evergreen1.