Junya Who? | CyberStart Completion

Junya Who?


Recruit, I need a favour. We’ve just had some intel about one of the gang members. His first name is Junya, but we can’t find his surname. We know we have it on record, but it could be in any one of a huge set of files. Perhaps you could SSH into our server and see if you can find his surname for me?

SSH sessions only last 60 minutes, after that you will need to reload the page to get a new one.

(The details given are dynamically generated, they will be different each time.)

Tip: Find “Junya” mentioned in the files and his surname will follow. That’s the flag.


You may want to look at the grep tool. Type $ man grep in the terminal to see how to use it.

How to Solve:

  1. Open a SSH connection using the credentials provided in the Briefing.
    1. __Example:__ ssh SrftOujSCm@ -p 37951
    2. Username: SrftOujSCm
    3. Password: Bg207oXxPU
    4. IP Address:
    5. Port: 37951
  2. In the root directory, use the grep command to look for the file containing Junya: grep -r "junya" -i