Pedro’s Password | CyberStart Completion

Pedro's Password


Recruit, we’ve had access to a server used by one of the Chiquitoos’ side businesses for a while and have an idea that one of the gang members, Pedro, might have moved his user account from an old version of Linux. SSH in and see if you can find his hashed password.

SSH sessions only last 60 minutes, after that you will need to reload the page to get a new one.

(The details given are dynamically generated, they will be different each time.)

Tip: The flag is in the same file as the password.


Older versions of Linux kept hashed passwords in a file that every user account could access. You can print the contents of a file to the screen using the cat tool. Type $ man cat in the terminal to find out more.

How to Solve:

  1. Open a SSH connection using the credentials provided in the Briefing.
  2. In the terminal, we need to navigate to the etc folder with cd ../../etc
  3. In the etc file, we need to read the passwd file with cat passwd
  4. Up towards the beginning of the output will have the flag.