Shinji’s Drone | CyberStart Completion

Shinji's Drone


Yesterday we spotted a Yakoottees gang member checking out the Superspin HQ, seemingly on a reconnaissance mission. He was seen flying a drone around the building with a video camera attached to it and we’ve since discovered that he put that video up on his personal site to share with other gang members. We know his username is “shinji” - if we could get in and take a look at the video, we might know better where they intend to target. Check out the login page on his site and see if you can break in.

Tip: Log in successfully to get the flag.


What happens when you try to log in with any credentials? Look at the URL; do you see a way of tricking the site into thinking you are logged in?

How to Solve:

  1. Click the login button to change the URL to the proper login.
  2. In the URL, change loggedin=false to loggedin=true.