QR.gif | CyberStart Completion



Remember the QR code that the Yakoottees printed on a T-shirt? You might have been assigned to investigate it on the previous level. Well, it looks like they’re using QR codes again and they’ve gone one step further by embedding them in a GIF file. We think the combined output is important, so get straight on it recruit.

Tip: Work out the QR codes and put them together for the flag.


You need to decipher each frame individually to get the combined code. Try searching for an online tool that will let you split the gif apart into different images.

How to Solve:

  1. Download the GIF with each QR code and split them into frames with something like https://ezgif.com/split/.
  2. Scan each QR code with something like https://4qrcode.com/scan-qr-code.php and combine each part.


  • mAr10_i5_a_br0