Horrible Hats | CyberStart Completion

Horrible Hats


One of our agents has noticed something a little strange that she thought you might be able to look into. The Slootmaekers have a cycle hat creator tool on their website which allows you to select a combination of up to eight colors to go into a custom hat design. The tool itself didn’t seem strange until we noticed the gang were sending each other links to hat color combinations they’d created on a regular basis that were a bit dull and had no other comment. It seems a little odd and we think they might be using it to hide secret messages.

We’ve managed to get hold of an example output page which we think contains a secret code word the gang are using in other communications. If we could figure out that word it would really help us discover what their bigger plans are.

Tip: See if you can convert the color RGB numbers into letters using the included ASCII table to get the flag.


You can see the color combination results in a set of eight RGB numbers. Have you tried looking those numbers up on an ASCII table?

How to Solve:

  1. Use the ASCII table given to convert each decimal to the respective letter.