A Helping Hand | CyberStart Completion

A Helping Hand


Recruit, we’ve intercepted some chatter between Chopper gang members talking about one of their competitor’s machines. They all have unique identifiers and we think one of those identifiers is hidden in some code we found. One of the other agents has emailed it to you. Take a look and see if you can find the identifier.

Tip: The identifier is the flag you need.


Drawing things on a PDF usually puts them on a separate layer. Try selecting and copying the text in the PDF and then pasting it into another program. By doing that you should be able to see the redacted parts and find the flag.

How to Solve:

  1. Download the PDF file and simply highlight the blacked-out area, copy it, and paste it elsewhere.
    1. “and our initial analysis revealed significant weaknesses in their set-up. Failures to properly lock down systems, weak password security, and very little investment made so far in improvements. There’s no doubt however that the group have made significant steps to move their industrial technology forward, investing in recruiting a number of tree felling experts and engineers over the past year. However, it doesn’t seem to have slowed the downward curve of their business progress, and I see that as a primary motivation for the increase in criminal activity amongst the gang. Section 4. Vulnerabilities. If we’re to advance our investigation further we need to increase the investment in reconnaissance to identify vulnerabilities. My recommendation would be a three man team, one on the ground and two providing technical support. The limited efforts we’ve made so far have proved fruitful, for example the two days our agent spent on site resulted in the recovery of three hard drives, the password to their private server (JohnyNumber5@), and”


  • JohnyNumber5@