Quick Drop | CyberStart Completion

Quick Drop


Recruit, we need your help urgently.

There’s a package drop between two gang members about to happen; we have agents following them both. The first gang member has dropped off a briefcase at a discreet location and has left. We have an agent following the other one and he’s just 4 minutes away from the pick up point.

Our first agent has intercepted the package, it’s a briefcase with two four digit number combinations required to get in. We have no idea what the unlock number is but the case has a post-it stuck to it with an encrypted code written on it.

Can you decipher it in time to get the number combination? We’ve patched you in to the instant chat with the field agent - tell him the code before the time elapses.

You only get one chance per day to complete this timed challenge. Reload the page to try again.

Tip: If you get the right code, the agent will give you the flag.


Another agent just mentioned Base64. Try that?

How to Solve:

  1. The code given by the agent are encoded with Base64, use some sort of Base64 decoder like https://www.base64decode.org/decode/ to decode the code given. 3635 9272