Useful Hack | CyberStart Completion

Useful Hack


Agent, we really need to log in to the Slootmaekers site as one of the gang - it looks like it has functionality for them to exchange messages about their heist plans. Time is running out and we need to know what they’re saying.

We don’t have a username and password combination for any of the gang members, but it just occurred to one of our agents that a big popular dutch social media site called Gellukkig was recently hacked and a bunch of username and password combinations posted online. There’s a small chance one of those was one of the gang members and they’ve re-used the details for the login on the site.

Tip: Login to the site as a gang member to get the flag.


Look up the username and password combinations in the dump from the social media site and see if any work on the Slootmaekers site.

How to Solve:

  1. Get the username and password list.
  2. Use the username aspen_van_whistlethorn and password cyclepower1999.