Logical | CyberStart Completion



So now you know all about conditionals it’s time to supercharge them with logic! This is where we get to the very core of how a computer thinks, using simple binary we have the values 1 and 0, which relate to True and False. Once you master this there will be no holding you back!


Have a look at Truth Tables in Logic if you’re interested in knowing more.

Code Solution:

The following code is the solution to this challenge. Please note that there may be alternative ways to complete this challenge.

# CHALLENGE 1: Print the result of true or true.
print(True or True)

# CHALLENGE 2: Print the result of true or false.
print(True or False)

# CHALLENGE 3: Print the result of false or true.
print(False or True)

# CHALLENGE 4: Print the result of false or false.
print(False or False)

# CHALLENGE 5: Use not to negate the result of true OR false and
# print the result.
print(not(True or False))